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The new Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
In 2017 the Chambers of Commerce of Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lodi will merge into a single institution called the Milan Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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Italian Chambers of Commerce are "public bodies that perform functions of general interest for the business system, focusing on the development of local economies".
They are independent public authorities as each Chamber of Commerce has its own articles of association, defines its own political program and, in addition, is independent from a financial and management point of view.

icon Consolidated Law no.580 of December 29th, 1993 – as amended by Legislative Decree no.23 of February 15, 2010 (available in Italian)

The functions performed are the following:

  • Administration services: archiving and updating of business registers, official lists,  rolls and information on all firms registered, such as the Company Register.
  • Promotional services: offering support to businesses and boosting the growth of the local economy.
  • Monitoring of local economy data: providing studies and analysis of local economic data and  all the necessary information to improve businesses knowledge of the socio-economic environment of the Milan area.
  • Market regulatory functions: promoting and increasing levels of transparency, confidence and equity of economic relations among businesses and between businesses and citizens.

The Milan Chamber of Commerce
The Milan Chamber of Commerce performs functions of general interest for the Milan metropolitan enterprise system.
Its headquarters are in Milan and there is a branch in Legnano.
In order to achieve its aims, the Milan Chamber of Commerce has set up  four special companies (companies established under private law), called special agencies:

icon Special and subsidiary companies  

In addition to its traditional role as registry and certifying body, foreseen by the law, it develops initiatives which promote innovation and transfer of technologies, access to credit, entrepreneurial training and tuition, globalization, environmental friendly practices in business activities and initiatives raising the awareness of cultural heritage of the Milan area.


To know

 To know

The Company Register is a civil registry in which all legal and economic data on all firms and businesses located in the greater  Milan area are registered. It is a fundamental database to understand the local economic and business development indexes of the area.


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